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  • The Best Of Me

    The Best Of Me (2014)

    Join Netnaija on Telegram Amanda and Dawson are soul mates who met as teens and were from different backgrounds. But…

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  • Enter The Clones Of Bruce

    Enter The Clones Of Bruce (2023)

    Join Netnaija on Telegram Enter the Clones of Bruce dives into the Bruce Lee exploitation craze, otherwise known as Bruceploitation.…

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  • Nurse Abi

    Nurse Abi (2024) [Filipino]

    Join Netnaija on Telegram When overworked graphic designer Roy faints, he wakes up to the beautiful Nurse Abi taking care…

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  • The Thing (2011)

    Join Netnaija on Telegram At an Antarctica research site, the discovery of an alien craft leads to a confrontation between…

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  • Penduko

    Penduko (2023) [Filipino]

    Join Netnaija on Telegram Hoping to profit from his occult gifts, a mystic joins a shadowy society and must confront…

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  • Ultraman Rising

    Ultraman Rising (2024)

    Join Netnaija on Telegram Ken Sato, a superstar baseball player who returns to Japan to become the latest hero to…

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  • I Saw The TV Glow

    I Saw The TV Glow (2024)

    Join Netnaija on Telegram Two teenagers bond over their love of a supernatural TV show, but it is mysteriously cancelled.…

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  • Hovering Blade

    Hovering Blade (2024) [Chinese]

    Join Netnaija on Telegram The single father Li Chang Feng resolutely embarked on the road of revenge after his daughter…

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  • Bad Boys: Ride or Die

    Bad Boys: Ride or Die (2024) HDCAM

    Join Netnaija on Telegram This Summer, the world’s favorite Bad Boys are back with their iconic mix of edge-of-your seat…

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  • Wild Eyed and Wicked

    Wild Eyed and Wicked (2024)

    Join Netnaija on Telegram Lily Pierce, haunted, seeks her estranged father, a disgraced history professor, to learn how to battle…

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