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  • Kapalit

    Kapalit (2024) [Filipino]

    Join Netnaija on Telegram Audrey is hired as a private nurse by Stan for his sick wife, Demi. But as…

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  • EKS

    EKS (2024) [Filipino] 

    Join Netnaija on Telegram Three compelling stories in one erotic experience. Yen Durano plays three different women in three titillating…

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  • Salitan

    Salitan (2024) (Filipino)

    Join Netnaija on Telegram A suspicious wife follows her husband in Bali. She meets a dashing man who captures her…

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  • Katas

    Katas (2024) [Filipino]

    Join Netnaija on Telegram Best friends, Angel and Lexi, run away after committing a crime. Their seemingly quiet life becomes…

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  • Pantasya ni Tami

    Pantasya ni Tami (2024) [Filipino]

    Join Netnaija on Telegram Do you want to know TAMI’S FANTASY? Genre: Drama, Romance, Pinoy, +18IMDB Rating: N/ADirected by: Easy Ferrer , Topel…

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  • Palipat lipat Papalit palit

    Palipat lipat Papalit palit (2024) [Filipino] 18+

    Join Netnaija on Telegram Edna and Larry’s simple life in the province gets shaken when Amy, an alluring woman, comes…

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  • Karinyo Brutal

    Karinyo Brutal (2024) [Filipino]

    Join Netnaija on Telegram A school student struggles to regain her memory with the help of a former friend. Everything,…

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  • Bedspacer

    Bedspacer (2024) [Filipino]

    Join Netnaija on Telegram Janice’s steamy obsession to imitate Lexi propels them to campus stardom. But dark secrets blur the…

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  • The Wife

    The Wife (2022) Filipino Movie 18+

    Join Netnaija on Telegram A couple’s marriage gets tainted as the husband cheats. How can the wife take her husband’s…

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  • Foursome

    Foursome (2023) [Filipino] 18+

    Join Netnaija on Telegram Vivamax crushes Robb Guinto and Armina Alegre star in this titillating romance drama about a married…

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