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Based on the 2017 movie “The Thousand Faces of Dunjia”. Zhou Tong, a constable in Luosha Town, has been obsessed with Wuyin Clan since childhood. He lived a peaceful life together with Zhou Shouyi, the magistrate of Luosha Town. Unexpectedly, they were framed by Jia Ming, the son of a squire in the township, and his father, Jia Youwei. Zhou Tong’s father was wronged and jailed. Zhou Tong escaped fortunately. On the way, he met an elder of the Wuyin Clan who passed on the “Jia” in his body to Zhou Tong. Zhou Tong wanted to rescue his father with the power of “Jia”, but could only watch his father be killed by the villain Bifang.

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Genre: Movies, Action
Duration: 84 Min

Download Download Fantasy Magician (2020) Full Movie MP4

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