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Couple Soo-ji and Sang-min, who once lived next door, and Soo-yeon who experienced having an affair, spends a moment of confusion due to Soo-ji’s sudden death, and now lives a normal life with her husband Dong-seok. Then one day, Dong-seok gets into a parking dispute with Mi-ran, a newly-married couple who moved next door, and Soo-yeon is embarrassed to learn that Mi-ran is the female junior who once had lesbian tendencies towards her in college. Two couples living next door and getting close. Unlike before, Mi-ran has become a lawyer and ignores Soo-yeon. Soo-yeon gets angry. Meanwhile, Soo-yeon found out that Mi-ran’s husband, Seok-ho, is a stay at home husband, and Soo-yeon who is in the same situation is attracted to him.

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Genre: Movies, Romance
Duration: 80 Min

Download Download Affair 2 (2020) [+18]

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